• Play the EZ Way

    My program will teach you to strum the guitar and sing at the same time - one topic most instructors never talk about!

    When it comes to strumming your favorite songs, there's no better way to learn them than singing right along. If you're like me and want to play as many songs as possible, only spending a few minutes on each song, AND want to avoid 'too much theory' then you've come to the right place. My program provides you with a variety of guitar lessons as well as songs to learn - both strumming and fingerstyle - to help you become a better overall musician.
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  • Assortment of Songs

    There's no need to search for any more chord versions of your favorite songs - I've done all the work for you!

    Featuring a variety of artists from an assortment of styles, you'll get to learn how to play EZ strumming versions in the style of folk, rock, country, pop, reggae, and so much more! FINALLY realize your strumming and singing potential with my unique "karaoke for guitar" program.
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  • Guitar Lessons

    What would ANY guitar program be without guitar lessons? No worries though - I make everything as EZ as possible!

    I'm covering it all here. From chord construction and analysis, strumming, fingerstyle, scales, and even a little theory in the mix, I can help you get started on the right path today. Here's the best part: The lessons I provide you with are NOT your standard "been there done that" kind of lessons. I am a real-world instructor with real-world goals in mind. You'll never feel overwhelmed with any of my material!
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  • Mini-Courses

    When it comes to supplemental instruction I've got you covered with a variety of mini-courses!

    I offer two versions of my mini-courses. The "lite" versions are included with an EZ Strummer core membership. The FULL versions are included with an EZ Strummer "Core Upgrade."
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Why Read When You Can Watch?

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Video Q and A's

  • Karaoke-Style Songs
  • Real-World Lessons
  • Interactive and Fun!
  • Absolute Beginner?
  • Intermediate - Advanced?
  • Mini-Courses
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Membership Options

Karaoke-Style Songs Let You Learn AND Play!

Learning just one chord at a time is boring and doesn't provide you with muscle memory, which is the secret behind TRULY learning to strum and sing. Here it's all about learning to connect chords in progressions through songs, which is what music is really all about!
  • Beginner - Advanced
  • Strumming, Fingerstyle, and EZ Riffs

Learn From A 'Real-World' Instructor!

I'm a real-world musician that just so happens to teach. I'm not a teacher that just so happens to play guitar. Saying that, let me help you through all of your goals as a guitarist and musician using a real-world method.

What better way to learn and play than with a friend who happens to have a few tricks under his sleeve? You'll be surprised at what you learn here!


Finally....A Program That Is Truly Hands-On!

It doesn't get any more hands-on than EZ Strummer. Your goal in each and every song you select is to get a feel for a song by listening and watching me. Once you are comfortable with a given song it's YOUR turn. Play right along with me or practice on your own. It's your choice.

If you want an interactive program that keeps pushing you, then you've found it right here at EZ Strummer.


Are You An Absolute Beginner - Don't Fear!

If you are a beginner guitarist, there's nothing more frustrating than learning from an over-clinical instructor. Well my friend, my program isn't overly-clinical at all. As a matter of fact, you might not even realize how much you ARE learning simply because EZ Strummer is just so much fun!

There's no need for clinical guitar learning - and I'm here to prove it to you. 


Are You More Intermediate - Advanced?

I consider myself an intermediate guitarist, so nothing here is too advanced. The beauty of my program is you can take any approach you want, which is perfect for intermediate - advanced musicians. If you don't want to just strum along with me, simply use your intermediate - advanced skills to play some fingerstyle or lead right along with me!

Experiment, improvise, and enhance your musicianship.


Get a Step Ahead With My Mini-Courses!

Mini-Courses are a great way to enhance your learning process.

All of my mini-courses are available as add-ons (at a reduced rate) with the purchase of an EZ Strummer core membership. If you choose a "Core" membership you'll get LITE access to my mini-courses. If you want to save money in the long run, I say go with my "Core Upgrade" option to include all mini-courses past, present and future!


Your Investment Is Guaranteed For 30 Days!

We all learn differently, so if you aren't happy with my method, simply let me know that you aren't satisfied with EZ Strummer within 30 days of your purchase and you'll get an immediate refund on your purchase.

All that I ask is you give EZ Strummer 30 days. I want you to be proud of your investment, so if you aren't - I don't want your hard-earned money. 


You Have A Choice With EZ Strummer

Grab a "Core Membership," which provides you with basic guitar lessons and full access to the song library.

You can also choose a "Core Upgrade," providing you with access to EVERYTHING. This includes all access to past, present, and future mini-courses for your lifetime. Spend your money wisely and go for the "Core Upgrade" - you'll be glad you did. 

What if you could play "A Day In The Life" by The Beatles
in UNDER 4 minutes?

Don't You Really Want To Play Some Songs?

Of course you do. The only problem with conventional guitar lessons is it might take forever to actually get to this point. Even the most basic of songs usually contain three chords, so there's no telling how long it will take for you to actually get to playing songs. It's time to bypass the conventional guitar lesson format today!

My program will teach you to strum the guitar and sing at the same time - one topic most instructors never provide.

When it comes to strumming your favorite songs, the most efficient way to learn is through my karaoke-style instruction.

Check Out Your Membership Options Today!

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Would You Like To Find Out More?


Lessons, Songs, and Mini-Courses!

  • Guitar Lessons
  • Strumming Songs
  • Mini-Courses
  • NEW! Core Upgrade

Are Conventional Lessons Giving Minimal Results?

My program is anything but conventional. What do I mean by conventional guitar lessons? When I refer to conventional guitar lessons, I'm talking about THIS....

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Learn To Strum And Sing At The Same Time!

If you don't want to flip through pages and pages of tab then EZ Strummer is for you! With my program I make it SUPER EZ to play your favorite songs....

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The Mini-Courses I Offer Enhance Your Guitar Playing! 

I offer mini-courses usually once a month or so. These mini-courses are designed to give you more from your studies. 

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I'm Pleased To Announce My Core Upgrade Feature! 

This new feature to EZ Strummer allows you access to my core songs and lessons PLUS every mini-course past, present, and future!

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