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Take The Challenge Right Now...

I am providing you with two different videos based on the typical skill levels of
beginner, intermediate/advanced musicians. Of course, this is always relative.

Here's what I want you to do:

1. Grab either your acoustic or electric guitar. It doesn't matter.
2. View and/or print the reference files I have provided for you.
3. Play right along with me on each of these three songs.

Slow connection? Press "play" and then "pause" to allow the video to buffer.
A gray progress bar will load.
Once it fills up a bit press "play" again.

Challenge 1:Beginner
"To Make You Feel My Love" in the style of Bob Dylan

Print/View Reference File

This particular song should be rather simple to play if you know your basic chords.

Why Learning Songs This Way WORKS...

Did you feel the need to play right along? I hope so. It's almost like a little jam session between you and I. The best part is that my on-screen chord and lyric prompting keeps any frustration down to an absolute minimum and better yet - keeps you moving forward.

Don't get me wrong. I'm no "amazing" guitarist. I'm not some "amazing" singer.
I keep the focus off of me and more toward the actual song you are learning.
I'm not here to perform for you. I'm here to help YOU perform for others.

While a majority of the songs I offer aren't considered
"modern" I've got some of those too!

Now, here's where you might find my program even MORE interesting....

What if you wanted to play a song by Hendrix or SRV at your next gig? These guys were primarily lead guitarists, so how in the world would it be possible to learn how to play songs from these two "Guitar Gods" right?

Believe it or not - it's absolutely possible.

"Bold As Love" the EZ Way

Learning to play a Hendrix song is usually no simple task, but I am about to make it as EZ as possible. This song demonstration assumes that you are a one-man show that plays at bars, clubs, or just for family and friends. In other words, it's all about you. No bass player. No drums. No other guitarists.

If someone in the audience screams out ".....Hendrix!" you'll be able to fulfill their request without flipping through 20 pages of tablature, desperately trying to remember each and every measure!

Print/View Reference File
This song is in all flats (Eb, Ab, Db, Gb, Bb, Eb)
Download/Listen to MP3 Audio @70 bpm
(right-click to "save link as" or left-click to listen)

*Note: In this video I apply a few techniques that make the song feel more like a Hendrix song. As a member of my program there is an additional instructional video that will explain exactly how I am applying some neat little tricks to enhance your performance - while still keeping everything as simplified as possible.

Make No Mistake About It...

There's nothing like the "real" thing, but my goal for you is to gain confidence in your singing and strumming ability without any frustration whatsoever. If you found "Bold As Love" a bit too difficult, that's actually good news. It just means that you have some work to do.

If you found this version WAY too scaled down and not "fitting" for your performances, then my program might not be for you.

So What Do You Think?

Do you find that my EZ Strummer program uses a formula that you can understand?

If so, then you're in luck because there are more than 500 songs just like what you've seen in my EZ Strummer member area. Even though I have quite a bit more to explain to you, I will do my absolute best to keep my presentation short and sweet, covering ONLY the super important points you need to know about my program.

Do You Want To Play As Many Songs As You Can Get Your Hands On?

If you want to flip through pages and pages of tablature to learn your favorite song, then EZ Strummer is NOT for you. But if you're like me and want to play as many songs as possible, only spending a few minutes on each song, then you've come to the right place.

After spending the last 10 years teaching online guitar lessons I've learned that traditional teaching CAN get a little tiresome. It's VERY important to understand the theory behind how chords are created as well as how each and every aspect of the guitar's fretboard is a 'must-know' among musicians. However, the real truth of it all is that SOMETIMES you want a break from traditional teaching and just sit down and learn a song from beginning to end!

So, to be quite honest - I stopped teaching guitar lessons in a "traditional" sense.

EZ Strummer Will Help You 'Break Free' From Those Traditional Teaching Chains And Allow You To Become The Type Of Musician You WANT To Be - One That Can Play A Song From Beginning To End!

You aren't required to learn chords in any particular order. Chords are used to create progressions - period. Every single song you will ever learn is based around a chord progression. The easiest and MOST effective way to learn a variety of chords is not by staring at a bunch of chord diagrams. Chord diagrams should purely act as quick references. Nothing more. Nothing less.

When following traditional instruction, it could take weeks or months to learn a chord like Dsus4/F#. Why? Traditional instructors often follow a guideline - which is great when it comes to understanding music from a theoretical point of view -
but I don't do this.

My course is all about learning while you play - not before.

Learn chords AS you approach them.
Use SIMPLE strum patterns that you can alter.
Learn to strum THROUGH songs
Play songs through VISUAL learning (video)
FINALLY perform songs from beginning to end.

While there are plenty more reasons why you should try your hand at my program, these are the most important ones. Take a look and see what you think...

Reason #1: On-Screen Chord Names/Lyrics

It's not about watching me perform a song. It's about you learning a song. I've made it easier than ever too. All you have to do is simply play and/or sing along with me. Each song offers the lyrics right under each chord name, which enables you to strike a given chord based on the lyrics being used. Basically it's karaoke - just add guitar!

  • Play and/or sing right along with me
  • On-screen prompting makes it EZ

Reason #2: EZ Strumming Patterns

If you've seen strumming patterns before, then you know that they tend to be extremely confusing. However, I simply provide you with a suggested template to use for a given song using a simple "D" or "U" to keep you from getting lost in the pattern.
  • Never get lost in a song
  • No confusing patterns
  • Develop rhythm
  • Learn to accompany

Reason #3: Every Song Is Fun and Engaging

Staring at pages upon pages of boring text and useless filler material is a thing of the past. It simply doesn't keep you interested.  You'll stay motivated at EZ Strummer!  The benefit of choosing an online membership from EZ Strummer is that you are learning in what I like to call a 'real-world' setting. You become part of the actual song as you play along with me. You'll feel accomplished as a musician after you realize that with one or two tries you made it through an entire song without any major issues. Maybe you'll even add your own special twist to the song!

  • You'll stay 100% active
  • You'll actually FINISH a song
  • No need to read useless information

Reason #4: Popular Song Selections

It's not much fun to play songs that no one is familiar with. After all, if you want to perform live (or even just around the campfire) you must have a variety of songs that everyone can enjoy.

  • Rock, Country, Folk, Blues, and more
  • Songs that fit every age group
  • Quickly fulfill requests from the audience

Reason #5: Sing and the SAME Time

I could go on all day about how beneficial this aspect of your guitar playing is, but I'll just touch base on one point: It doesn't matter how good of a lead guitarist you are if you can't keep rhythm and sing. This may very well be something you have neglected! 

Keith Richards, SRV, Hendrix, Mark Knopfler - all of these guys have impeccable rhythm. They also ALL happen to be lead guitarists that sing!

  • Finally become a well-rounded musician
  • Learn to multi-task

Reason #6: Developed Chord Diagrams

The chord diagrams I provide for the songs allow you to see where to place your fingers as well as the notes that are produced from finger placement. 

You'll benefit from knowing that with one quick glance you'll know every note that is used to create a given chord - which allows you to find additional chord positions all over the fretboard!

  • Find new chord positions
  • No finger acrobatics

Reason #7: EZ Riffs and Fingerstyle

Not every song should be just about strumming. Songs like "Imagine" or "Dust In The Wind" need fingerstyle. A song like "Sweet Home Alabama" MUST contain that special riff or it just doesn't work. Strumming, riffs, and fingerstyle - what more is there?

  • More than just strumming
  • Develop lead guitar skills
  • Fingerstyle played the EZ way

Reason #8: Request-A-Song

I simply cannot catalog every single song on the planet, but with your help I will do my best to provide you with any song you want - regardless of the difficulty level. This is a great way to keep you motivated by actually getting YOUR input.

Reason #9: Every Interested Musician Is Welcome!


It truly doesn't matter where you feel you "stand" in the world of guitar.

From a casual musician that just wants to strum, an expansive musician that wants to move beyond the basics, or even a serious musician that is ready to take your performance to the stage....

.....every single song and lesson I have to offer you will help you achieve
any and every goal you set forth.

and finally...

Reason #10: Awesome Bonuses!


When a new song is added to the member area of EZ Strummer you will have the option to download it! You can create your very own DVD collection right from your computer by downloading the songs you want - when you want them.

BONUS 2: Mini-Course "Chord Workshop"

This 15-week course offers you a step-by-step approach to understanding how chords work, the notes involved in these chords, and much much more. I have JUST launched this in the member area, and EZ Strummer members are very pleased with it. This mini-program covers:

  • Over 85 chords with video (over-the-shoulder view + traditional view!)
  • Secrets on how to move chords around on the fretboard
  • Chord extensions (add2, sus2, sus4, dim, aug, 7ths, etc.)
  • Major, Minor and Pentatonic scale practice patterns
  • Beginner Fingerstyle (using only your thumb, 1st, and 2nd fingers!)
  • Beginner Arpeggios
  • Basic techniques (hammer-on, pull-off, etc.)
  • and much more!

This course usually sells separately for $37, but you won't pay a single dime for it. It is absolutely FREE with your EZ Strummer membership.


As a member of EZ Strummer you'll be pleased to know that I will have a library of drum tracks for you to download. Many of the new songs that I offer feature a drum track/metronome as requested by current EZ Strummer members and subscribers.

BONUS 4: EZ Acoustic Riffs Lite!

I will be re-launching my popular EZ Acoustic Riffs program in October of this year. In this course I teach you how to play official riffs, fingerstyle passages, and licks to some of the top acoustic songs on the planet! As an EZ Strummer member you will get insider access to a revolving list of the top 25 songs from the EZ Acoustic Riffs official member area. This 'lite' course is absolutely free as an EZ Strummer member.

BONUS 5: Mini-Course "Strumming Patterns 101"

In this mini-course I take the most common strumming patterns found in the EZ Strummer song catalog and show you how to change these patterns up in a variety of ways. This enables you to create a completely unique arrangement of traditionally played songs.


I tested this feature a while back on EZ Strummer members and they loved it, so I'm making it official. You get points when you perform various activities such as:

  • rating/commenting
  • posting in the forum
  • answering questions
  • updating your forum profile
  • clicking on certain links
  • and much more!

You even get points on your birthday! It's a great way to stay motivated and keeps you engaged. What do you do with the points you accumulate?

You can trade in your points for...


Accumulate enough points and you'll never need to buy another DVD again. You won't even pay the shipping cost. Keep in mind that you aren't doing any real 'work' to gain points. I'm not asking for you to put in a 9 - 5 workday. All you need to do is participate and contribute as a member and I take care of the rest. The points system is automated and tracks what you click on so there's no 'human error' to worry about.


I have a few other instructional programs that I am working on right now. While you build up points as an EZ Strummer member I will be working on content for a few of my other programs. When the new programs launch you will have the option to turn in your points for a free membership to ANY of them.

What's ALL of this going to cost you?

This is the part that will surprise you the most - the cost. How much would you pay for an online program that gives you all of this:

Over 500 songs in the database right now (30+ new songs added monthly!)
EZ-to-follow strumming patterns with no need to understand timing or note values
Video-based strumming lessons that are perfect for the hands-on, visual learner
Learn the value of accompanying a musician by strumming and sing right along
FINALLY perform songs from beginning to end
ENJOY playing guitar again with fun and engaging practice session
Bonus 1: Download EVERY video featured online
Bonus 2: Chord Workshop (15 week course!)
Bonus 3: Drum Track downloads
Bonus 4: "EZ Acoustic Riffs" Lite
Bonus 5: "Strumming Patterns 101"
Bonus 6: Get "Points for Participation"


Get Your One Year Membership Today!

You simply can't lose - and best of all - your one year membership to my course won't auto-renew, so you won't have any unexpected charges at all! Of course, my program is also backed by my risk-free 30 day guarantee.

EZ Strummer Online

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

The guitar world is full of empty promises - or 'claims to fame.'

I want to make it clear to you that I am not filling my page full of empty promises or testimonials. I don't ask anything from my members more than to enjoy playing guitar and give my method a chance.

No questions. No hassles.

Just a simple promise...

"If you are not 100% satisfied that I have delivered everything that I have promised you - and MORE - then all it takes is one email to me and I will gladly refund your investment!

I wish you the absolute best, and I hope to see you in the member area soon!

Nathan Wilson
Creator of EZ Strummer


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